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Information for Forms Error Code FRM-92050: fatal error: cannot connect to the server: %s:%s
Oracle® Forms Error FRM-920506/13

FRM-92050: fatal error: cannot connect to the server: %s:%s

Cause: An attempt was made to connect to the Forms server. The serverURL applet parameter was not specified, so Forms attempted to connect to the specified host machine, on the specified port. (These are derived from the serverHost and serverPort applet parameters, if specified). However, an unexpected Exception was encountered. This message appears when there is no message that gives a more specific reason for the connection failure.

Action: Examine the stack trace that accompanies this message. If the stack trace indicates a possible cause, correct it. If the problem persists, contact Oracle Support Services.

Level: 99

Trigger: None

Appears: Java console, alert

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